It can be trouble when receiving official paper documents from organizations or enterprises. You have to go through a series of manual operations. You have to copy the paper for backup. You have to scan the paper into files. You have to import them into an electronic approval system, and it’s not over. This takes time and trouble in processing and tracking.

Now you can hand all the annoying steps over to the NewSoft Electronic Official Document System. It enables you to take care of electronic sign-off, document reception, transferring, and approval—all with efficient environmental protection and convenient tracking. It just takes one click. The best part is that there is entirely no need to purchase any other system. The system integration is completely seamless.
The system is compatible with government electronic document formats, making document reception, transfer, and approval completely seamless
When receiving official electronic or paper documents from governments, schools, or non-profit groups, you can directly import them into the NewSoft OA Electronic Official Document System and convert them into the DI file format of the government document system. The conversion is seamless with no obstacles at all.
Automatic import of electronic official documents is simple, convenient, and efficient
Specify a source folder for importing official documents, and then you can regularly import the governmental e-documents to the NewSoft OA system, saving tedious steps for manual input. Meanwhile, the OA system registers paper documents, completely records the transactions, and archives the official document exchanges between your company and the government.
Clear Official Document Flow
From the moment of receiving each document, all procedures are completely recorded to let you monitor the document flow and synchronize the information in real time, which can be the basis of statistics and audit management in the future.
Seamless Electronic Approval and Instant Circulation
The electronic document module can connect to the current electronic approval system, letting your staff quickly forward, circulate, and approve the documents.
Completely preserve the document flow process for convenient and clear checking
In the process of document circulation, sending, reviewing, deleting and other historical records will be noted for future inquiries.
The NewSoft Electronic Official Document System is the only product providing the independently-running system that also can be combined with the approval system, and is also fully compatible with the government formats for electronic documents. The system can directly and easily receive and dispatch documents and completely record the document exchange process. In addition, the system is designed with process analysis, which can analyze statistics like the number of received and sent documents. It will establish a perfect supervising system, create the best document processing procedures, and finally let you realize document processing in a timely manner.