Lead trends with innovative technologies
Deliver quality promises with a world class management approach
NewSoft was founded in 1987 and has excelled in the areas of software and hardware integration, mobile applications, cloud services, office automation, A/V, and image recognition. NewSoft has thrived on the RD and business philosophy of Connecting Creativity to shape corporate brand images. While emphasizing the development of digital documentation and imaging technologies and applications, office digitalization and cloud applications, NewSoft has further attended to new applications and development trends of these core technologies to provide users with easy and convenient, intelligent software and technologies that better meet the needs of users in their daily life or at work. Currently, NewSoft is focusing on three core businesses: 1) Personal Solutions (2) Enterprise Web Solutions (3) Digital Signage Solutions
While leading the industry toward intelligent integration and cloud applications, NewSoft continues to improve service and product qualities and strengthen global competitiveness, has achieved CMMI Level 3 appraisal  (or quality standard for software development), and will provide customers with world class, high quality commitment.
Implement Green Technology and Focus on Sustainable Services
NewSoft aims to fulfill the objective of customer success, deliver the product values of user friendliness and optimized quality to users, and provide clients with sustainable services. Meanwhile, NewSoft focuses on core businesses, continues to innovate to garner core business resources, develops forward-looking products that fit the niche requirements for users, and establishes strategic partnerships with related industries to develop mobile, intelligent, environmental-protecting and energy-saving products as a means to make technologies more applicable and practical in our daily life and sustainably serve customers.
Full Range Marketing Service
With widespread marketing reach worldwide, NewSoft is active in participating in important international tradeshows and events and works toward the goal of brand internationalization and marketing globalization to establish a brand image trustworthy of partners and customers, establishing a complete worldwide sales and service network, and providing customers with the most convenient distribution networks. While promoting quality and new products, NewSoft also places great emphasis on the delivery of a complete customer service experience, establishes a complete after-sales service system and commits to providing new and existing customers with the most thoughtful and instant services.

Localized Services and Multi-language Support
Developing partnerships for the development of software localization and oversea subsidiaries which can communicate rapidly and discuss product development with local customers; additionally, instant technical support, along with support for more than 10 languages, improving customer satisfaction and establishing long-term partnerships. 
Full-range product lines and multiple marketing channels
Provides full-range product lines that cover personal application solutions, enterprise cloud integration solutions and integrated multimedia digital signage solutions, and the categories cover image and document applications, cloud applications, and office digitalization applications; multi-language interfaces are available for all products. The distribution channels include affiliated hardware distributors, enterprise and government contact windows, store outlets, and online channels.   
Emphasis on Customer Relationship Management and Constructing Worldwide and Instant Service Centers
Fulfilling the goal of service first, NewSoft has constructed strong and solid customer service systems for international partners, personal, and enterprise users and customer service centers in Taiwan, China, Japan, the US, Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain. Through phones and emails, our customer service representatives will provide instant services for our partners and users worldwide and respond to their demands and issues immediately!
Faithfully follow a forward-looking and innovative business philosophy and deliver full-range solutions to customers with superior technological applications, service abilities, industrial expertise and introduce hardware and software products that are crucial for intelligent life applications.
Corporate Social Responsibility  
Facilitate development of children’s IT education: emphasize children’s IT education in Taiwan. For PrintMagic, or the flagship products offered by NewSoft, NewSoft has collaborated with junior high schools and elementary schools to host software training and application courses to inspire students and enhance their understanding toward computers and digital learning; hosting regular teacher learning camps to enrich IT knowledge for teachers and students
Emphasize employee working environment and growth: NewSoft has been consistently valuing the employee working environment and benefits and established an Employee Welfare Committee to implement all kinds of employee benefit programs, host regular internal employee training programs and development camps to grow with employees.

Continuous improvement to enhance shareholder benefits: NewSoft understands that industrial development will rely on collective efforts and contributions of all suppliers, partners and employees. Thus, NewSoft has been fulfilling the reciprocal principles to enhance industrial development, improve core competitiveness and maximize benefits for shareholders.