NewSoft International was founded in 1987 and is famous for its digital image recognition and management systems, image multimedia, and network audio and video transmission series software.
With the concept of "Smart, Green, Automatic", we continue to build the "NewSoft" brand image and develop multi-faceted intelligent software services so that users can easily apply them in their lives and work.

Committed to developing its own core technologies and focusing on development:

(1) AI-OCR smart content recognition and capture service
(2) OA cloud office collaborative management
(3) Visualization platform
(4) Bundle software service

The four major products and services are determined to become "the leading brand manufacturer of various solutions for corporate document digitization" and contribute to solving corporate problems.

With more than hundreds of cases accumulated around the world, it has both solid technical and practical experience, constantly improves its own quality, and has passed international and software maturity (Capability Maturity Model Integration, CMMI) -level3 assessments to provide customers with the promise of high-quality quality control. Follow the IOS27001 information security verification, lead the high-quality industrial value chain, collaborate with customers to innovate intelligently, and promote the advancement and growth of enterprises.