Chairman's Message


Since its establishment in 1987, NewSoft has been committed to software development with the purpose of improving the work efficiency of its partners. It always explores new technologies and business models as soon as possible, and explores related possibilities. While pursuing profits and operating performance, we use the spirit of sustainable management to carefully observe environmental changes and issues of concern to our customers, and help our customers move towards a sustainable future through our mature software and services.

Regarding the environment, as an information service industry, we contribute our expertise to assist major enterprises in digital transformation. Through the connection of NewSoft OA approval software, we can create paperless offices, effectively reducing paper consumption and greenhouse gases. emissions to achieve sustainable development of industry and environment.

In terms of society, Lixin has carried out a series of cooperation with the National Palace Museum to promote museum cultural relics and combine STEAM education (science, technology, development, art, mathematics), and is committed to improving the educational experience of children in rural areas or indigenous peoples. We also promise to continue to optimize the treatment and benefits of employees, enhance the sense of honor and identification with the company, and solidify the foundation of talent.

In terms of governance, we focus on establishing an effective corporate governance structure, protecting the rights and interests of shareholders, strengthening the functions of the board of directors, respecting the rights and interests of stakeholders, and improving information transparency to enhance the quality and effectiveness of corporate governance.