Guided by “Going Digital in Remote Areas”, NewSoft Donates Its Print Magic Application

Great effort has been made by the Ministry of Education in recent years to implement its Three Principles; namely Going Digital in Remote Areas, Active Teaching by Digital Learning, and Mobile Learning. Although Taiwan is not large, it covers vast rural regions quite far from the city. Statistics show that except for Taipei, almost every county has primary or middle schools in remote areas. Thus, the Ministry of Education is implementing Going Digital in Remote Areas and establishing Digital Opportunity Centers  in remote areas where many e-classes are freely given to citizens and underprivileged students. We hope that the people’s ability to use information will improve and the digital information knowledge gap will be reduced.

Since devoting itself deeply to digital learning, NewSoft has a gained a good understanding of what schools need. It continually develops new product series such as Print Magic - an art designing application, Signage Suite – a digital broadcasting board, and Smart School Solution that helps open smart classes and digital bookcases. To support Going Digital in Remote Areas, NewSoft donated Print Magic to as many as 126 digital opportunity centers across Taiwan so that citizens have the opportunity to learn something new.


Supporting Digital Learning Activities in 22 Remote Counties: Donating Print Magic to 126 Digital Opportunity Centers
Ray Huang, NewSoft service department manager said, “We will help implement the Ministry of Education’s three principles - Going Digital in Remote Areas, Active Teaching by Digital Learning, and Mobile Learning. We are donating Print Magic to 126 digital opportunity centers scattered in 22 counties across Taiwan. By using Print Magic, we expect more and more citizens and underprivileged students in remote areas can master art design skills.” As NewSoft actively gives back to the community, it holds software training classes and teaching seminars in primary or middle schools aiming to upgrade the information handling capabilities for teachers and students. NewSoft helped construct more than 16 smart classes and 60 digital bookcases that will lay a good foundation for the development of digital education. Apart from that, guided by Going Digital in Remote Areas, NewSoft donated Print Magic to digital opportunity centers to bring fun to their classes.


In Only 10 Minutes, People in Remote Areas Master How to Use the Educational Resources
Print Magic is an art design application that provides diverse samples under many topics as well as thousands of images that give users abundant resources. The visual interface is so intuitive that it takes no more than 10 minutes to master the design skills. This really popular application will be used by government, schools, corporations, legal professionals, and retail stores. At present, more than 2000 schools and 100 governmental sectors have utilized Print Magic as essential software for teaching or administration.

The digital opportunity centers expressed heartfelt thanks to NewSoft for its charity. “The Print Magic application makes it much easier when we design posters and leaflets. It also makes things more interesting, and our classes have become full of fun.” Digital opportunity centers are scattered in communities and primary or middle schools and all of them are far from the city. The centers provide diverse information classes and many activities to make life more colorful. For example, by broadcasting civic activities and persuading people to preserve local historical archives, we expect to improve the culture in remote communities. They also said that some centers have already offered design classes, and people have already mastered how to make posters, leaflets, and name cards by using Print Magic. Farm owners and store managers are also capable of using their newly acquired printing skills to publicize their products.


We hope this initiative will help Print Magic stride into every digital opportunity center in Taiwan. Citizens and students will learn much more to in the design classes, and they will consequently get better marketing results with Print Magic.