Welcome Delegation from Japan’s Ibsystem

The Japanese company, ibsystem, visited the head offices of Retronix and NewSoft Technology Corporation on November 2, 2015. ibsystem was also shown around the Beitou factory of Retronix during the visit. The delegation was headed by president Wakakuwa of ibsystem, and consisted of 22 young members with an average age of 35 years. Apart from the visits, the leaders of both companies discussed technical exchanges and other topics. Dustin Huang, the general manager of NewSoft held talks with president Wakakuwa and said, “We both will have more opportunity to cooperate in the future in many areas such as app development, IOT (Internet of Things) applications, and hardware development, though the schedule was rather tight this time.”


As one of the leading companies in Japan, Niigata-based ibsystem has a profound background in IT technology and focuses mainly on diverse solutions from system development to communications applications. ibsystem’s highlighted products are well recognized by industry and have inspired many newspaper headlines. The Japanese newspaper, Nikkei, published a special report on November 5 on how ibsystem’s video calls link to nurse-calling systems.


With a strong command of software and profound expertise in technical applications, NewSoft and Retronix have developed applications and IOT technology for years and offered flexible, customized, comprehensive, and smart IOT solutions. They have provided varied sensing devices and control systems for industry; covering smart homes, smart buildings, smart energy, smart sales, transportation, logistics, and healthcare. Because of efficient and effective results, the solutions have been well regarded by factories across Japan and have gained fame in the world’s financial markets. The ibsysetm visit proves once more the remarkable strength of NewSoft and Retronix in the diversity of integrated services for software and hardware.


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