Sand Painter Animal Color Fun



Living carefree, the little bear and rabbit, who have been close friends since they were born, always play in the forest. The mother bear always warned the little bear and rabbit not to go to the other side of the river because if they went into the deep forest, they might not find their way home. One day, the little bear and the rabbit were playing catch, the little bear threw so hard that the ball shot to the other side of the river. The little bear hurried to find the ball and went into the forest on the other side of the river, with the little rabbit following. Walking side by side, they didn't find the ball but lost their way home. The little bear took care of the rabbit as he attempted to look for the way home. To their surprise, there appeared a strange amusement park. There were many kinds of amusements in the park and a lot of animals were playing. They were bubbling with laughter.


Kids Sand Painter promoted the second version: Animal Park! The little bear and rabbit lead you into the deep mystery of forest, showing us brand new base drawings and instructing all adults and children get to know various animals and amusement parks. This parent-child interactive game not only provides all players creative works but also entails education in amusement at the same time.

  1. Simple touch brings amusement and helps you create brilliant sand paintings with just three simple steps - strip off the film, scatter the sand, and shake up the sand.
  2. Rich colors matches freely, as many as 76 bright colors of sand are available for your choice.
  3. Glue Stamp shows individual style with infinite originality and contains various backgrounds, samples and decorations.
  4. What a good helper the scraping tool is! The high technique delivers you perfect product and lets you remove the original sand and to use other color sand so as to make amazing work.
  5. More special sound effects and background music bring more joys to your painting.
  6. Share your work to Sina Microblog, Facebook, or Twitter, letting your friends enjoy and appreciate your work.
  7. Users who purchased the full version can enjoy 38 base maps and those who did not can just have 12 base maps.
System Requirements

 Category:Education, Entertainment

 Current Version:1.0

 Language:English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

 Requirements:Compatible with iPad & iPad mini. Requires iOS 4 or later.