Kids Sandpainting_Android Version


Awakening Fascinating Childhood Memories

Fascinating sand paintings can share good childhood memories for a lot of people. Tear off the yellow film covering the base map to expose the glue. Pour on some colored sand and tilt the device to make the sand flow. Repeat the action several times, and a beautiful sand painting is achieved.


It is such an interesting game, and you can play on your tablet now! The newly released Kids Sand Painting from NewSoft simulates traditional sand painting with just three simple steps - strip off the film, add the sand, and shake up the sand to create a fascinating sand painting. In addition, the new creative features matched with some delicate tools can create more wonders and vivid pictures. Now, let's have a look at the creative features.


With traditional sand painting, each painting could only be used once because the sand can't be scraped off. But every base map in Sand Painting can be used indefinitely, and the sand can be removed and replaced with sand of other colors. If you own Sand Painting, you can create amazing works of art.

  1. Kid Sand Painting is the first to introduce educational and interesting software that combines trendy painting with inspiring stories. It exhibits the fascinating memories of childhood with well-known fairy tales, allowing parents and children to share good times and pleasure together.
  2. Create brilliant sandpaintings with just three simple steps - strip off the film, add the sand, and spread the sand around.
  3. The educational and interesting game lets you simply touch a base map to quickly search for the story behind it (if the network is available).
  4. As many as 76 colors of sand are available for you to choose.
  5. The scraping tool allows the removal of the original sand and the use of other colors of sand to make amazing artworks.
  6. More sound effects and background music bring more joy to your painting.
Now go start enjoying the Sand Painting !


System Requirement

 Category: Education
 Current Version:1.1, 48MB
 Language: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
 Requirements: Requires Android 3.0 and up


Tap "Create New"


Select a template.


Select Film mode.


Tap an area to remove the film. The area will change to light blue and be ready for sand.


Switch to the Sand tools.


Select a color.


Tap an area to put color there.


Tilt the device to let the sand move to the area that was glued.