Identity Card Recognition Software Development Kit (IDR SDK)

NewSoft released the Identity Card Recognition Software Development Kit (IDR SDK) in response to counter staff usually having to spend lots of time entering a customer’s ID field information word by word when customers apply for services in different industries, including the banking industry, securities industry, insurance industry, automobile industry, car rental industry, hotel industry, travel agencies, telecommunication industries, etc. Due to the efforts for promoting digitalized financial environments, the financial service industry will further open online application services so that users no longer have to apply at the counter; users will be able to apply for services at any time and place by taking photos of their ID with the phone or scanning their ID with a scanner and then upload the image for recognition through cloud. The tourism service competition is very fierce and the hotel industry needs better and faster check-in processes. This way guests can just provide their ID or passport in order to perform quick recognition to check their identities and accelerate the service process. 
Two solutions are provided for IDR SDK, which are Cloud IDR SDK and the single unit version IDR SDK. They are able to recognize three major types of identification: “ID cards,” “password and passes,” and “driver’s license.” Once a photo of the documentation is taken or scanned with a scanner, it only takes about 2-3 seconds to automatically recognize the information in the main fields such as the ID number, name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, gender and passport number, and the photo on the documentation will automatically be captured in order to save the user time on entering the information manually. Supported image sources for recognition includes JPG, TIFF, PNG or BMP formats and it supports outputting image with watermarks in order to prevent the file from being used illegally. The recognized data can be outputted using XML, CSV, TEXT, or DAT text formats allowing users to enjoy the convenience of digitalization, and saves time, cost, and complicated processes for enterprises on serving their customers. 


Technical Features


Supports three major types of documentations: ID card, passport, passes, and driver's license

Passport and Passes 
•    International Passport
•    Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents 
•    Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents

ID card
•    National Identification Card (Republic of China)
•    National Health Insurance Card
•    Citizen Identity Card of the People’s Republic of China 
•    Hong Kong Identity Card/ Permanent Identity Card
•    Bilhete de Identidade de Residente Macau/Bilhete de Identidade de Residente R.A.E.M.

Driver's License
•    Driver’s License (Republic of China)
•    Vehicle License (Republic of China)
•    Driver’s License (People’s Republic of China)


Supports the recognition of photos taken with mobile phones or digital cameras and images scanned with scanner or multifunction printers


Equipped with image pre-processing capability and increases document recognition rate by improving image quality

Cloud IDR SDK is provided, which uses Rest Web Service to call document images and recognize the contents.


IDR SDK is provided, which uses API to call document image and recognize the contents; supports development language: C++ and C#


Adding Watermarks
Supports adding watermarks to recognized image screens in order to prevent the file from being used illegally.


Supports multiple image formats
Requires image to support 24-bit colors; including JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF formats. 


Customized document development
Customized document recognition services are provided and are developed according to the customer's needs and the document template provided.


Application Range


Financial Service Industry
Cloud document recognition is a must-have tool to create “Digital Finance 3.0.”

Incoming digital finance; online financial service application
In the past, people had to go to onsite counters to apply for bank or security accounts. But, with the coming of digital finance wave, the Financial Supervisory Commission is pushing the “Finance 3.0” policies that allow people to apply for various financial businesses online. The bank industry provides credit loans, mortgage and car loans, cash cards, credit card, opening accounts, etc., the security dealers provides services that allows investors to open accounts and make purchases etc., and the insurance industry provides online insurance applications and other businesses.

Apply for services at any time and place simply by taking a photo of the document and uploading it
When a financial service provider implements NewSoft’s Cloud IDR SDK in their application system, users can take photos of their documents or scan it with a scanner and upload it to the cloud service system at any time and place once they can go online to perform ID recognition in real-time. The information from over 10 fields on the document can be quickly recognized within 2-3 seconds and send them to corresponding fields of the account-opening system and complete the recognition and input procedures immediately, allowing users to save time from filling out the information and checking for the accuracy of the information, thereby speeding up the service application process and allowing users to enjoy the convenience of digital financing. 


Tourism and Travel Industry
Complete hotel check-in process in one minute

The number of tourists is increasing each year and the need for manpower increased significantly
The number of international tourists is increasing every year, and a lot of tourists show up at hotels during peak traveling seasons for the check-in process. The counter staff has to spend a lot of time on checking the ID and documents of the tourists resulting in long lines by the check-in counter, and the tourists also spend a lot of time just waiting in the lobby. When the travel agency is processing international group travels, the office staff also has to spend a lot of time entering the traveler’s information and help them process the information. 

Use recognition technology to save labor time and cost
If the IDR SDK is implemented in the tourism and travel service system, the ID of tourists can be confirmed at the hotel counter within one minute after they handed over their ID and documents, solving the problem of needing more manpower during peak travelling seasons, and thus speeding up the reception process and increasing the service quality. Travel agencies can also quickly create the information needed for the customer to apply for travel documents.


Medical Industry
Registration and cashier processes at hospitals can be completed in a minute

Long lines due to administrative processes at regional hospitals
There are usually a lot of patients at hospital registration and cashier counters. When there is a patient who came to the hospital for the first time, the hospital usually requires the patient to fill out their personal information and consume a lot of the patient’s time. The counter staffs also have to spend a lot of time processing and recording the personal information of the patient. 

Recognition technology can reduce the processing procedure time at medical facilities
If the medical facility implemented the IDR SDK in their registration or cashier system, the basic information of the patient can be imported the same time the patient handed over their documentation to confirm their identity. This will speed up the administrative processing procedures of medical facilities. 

System Integrators
First choice as a partner for system integrators and KIOSK hardware manufacturers

Development kit and image module are all available
Cloud IDR SDK and IDR SDK are both provided for system integrators and KIOSK hardware manufacturers so they do not have to develop their own. They can just integrate the SDK into their systems to call the document recognition function. Diverse image processing modules are also provided, such as: automatic rotation, automatic tilt correction, keystone correction and automatic cropping, etc. System integrators can decide the kit item to use according to their needs. 


Find out more about ID Card recognition applications
Taking photos or scanning of the document information, automatic recognition and importing to the system are all completed at once, increasing the convenience of ID recognition when users are applying for services online and increasing the work efficiency of the business'front desk staff significantly. 

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