Mobile Application Customization Development Expert 


Mobile application customization service provide app design and development services specifically for the business, government, and education fields. Customers can provide the specifications and visual necessities, and NewSoft will complete everything else including interface design, operation procedures, functional architecture and development, thus providing 360 degrees of comprehensive project plants and highly efficient development process control and also thoughtful project management and maintenance services. This provides the most suitable customized mobile application solutions for customers to help increase their prolificacy and to lower their costs.

Technical Features

◆ Text and business card image recognition
◆ Document, image, and multimedia file management
◆ Wireless data transmission
◆ Remote monitoring and computer management
◆ Integrated scanning and sending data to specified devices
◆ Interfacing with backend system and database management
◆ Gyroscope, direction sensor, and vibration applications
◆ Image editing and special effects processing
◆ Cross-platform (iOS/Android/Windows)

Application Range

Cloud data transmission usage:
Easily send files, images, or pictures on computers to mobile devices whether at the office or at home.

Mobile business file management:
Use the integrated scanning technology and send scanned data to specified devices.

Cross-platform remote control:
Control computers with mobile devices using wireless transmission technology.

Mobile marketing integration platform:
Businesses enterprises can interface with backend systems and database management.

Fun game app:
Various fun games can be designed using the gyroscope, direction sensor, and vibration functions of the mobile device.

Image editing app:
Photo editing and special effects processing; add texts and emoticons to make photos livelier.

NewSoft's “Mobile application professional service team” has rich development experiences and strong technology for customizing products developing new innovative apps. What's even better is that our professional technical team also works with a strong planning team, providing comprehensive integration considerations and recommendations to customers whether for marketing, operation, application, efficiency and innovation. We are your top choice as a customization partner.





NewSoft mobile app development teams provide multiple mobile applications and services, creating applications that fit each customers' needs.
Enterprise App Development
Mobile applications that can flexibly iWe provide mobile OA and mobile ERP solutions for enterprise mobile ERP applications tailored for the enterprise that integrates the company’s internal systems, daily official sign-off processes, and internal communication channels to increase the administrative efficiency of the enterprise.
Business Customer Marketing
We customize mobile marketing application solutions according to different industries and their needs, such as integration of shopping systems, customer management, medical treatment, insurance, messaging and live entertainment information systems etc. We can even further add member information and various statistical reports to use for the internal and external marking of the company, allowing business owners to receive the latest report information at all times for better marketing results.
Personal Business Application
We can develop a business card scanning app using recognition and mobile technology, or even an app that allows an iPad to operate various program files in the computer using wireless transmission technology. For example, play music, watch videos, edit images, key-in document files and other program operations. This kind of app can scan file data and send it to an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch directly by using a computer and scanner. The files can be dragged to the specified folder windows and the system will automatically send the file, making mobile business life more convenient with better handling of contacts and efficiency.
System Operator Application
This app uses rich community website operation experiences and powerful multimedia connection technology to combine various popular community platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Flicker, YouTube, Google+ etc. to provide mobile marketing services, and also provide cloud maintenance and operation management services.    
You are welcome to contact us and we will be pleased to discuss workable mobile application solutions with you!

Tool APP



Applies the Danqing OCR (optical character recognition) technology to automatically analyze business cards and capture business card information. The contact information is imported to the contact list of the smartphone immediately once it is confirmed. 



■ Exclusive Danqing OCR recognition engine
■ Recognizes business card direction and rotates the image automatically
■ Allows batch processing of multiple cards for recognition
■ Patented “Finger-Tick Dialing” technology


  Remote My PC

Uses a tablet to control the various files on a desktop remotely at any time and place, whether it is document files, multimedia files, image files, games or browsing information online etc. 



■ Wi-Fi technology application
■ Remote control of PC using tablet
■ Open various program files on the PC
- Play music
- Watch videos
- Edit images
- Document files and other formats
■ Automatically detects wireless network services within the area


  File Portal

Send files or photos directly to your iPad and iPhone as you wish, implementing file-to-go. 




■ Wi-Fi technology application
■ Use a PC or scanner to send photos or files to tablet/smartphone
■ Supports sending of Photo, Office, & PDF files
■ Automatically detects receivable devices within the regional network
■ Supports E-mail, printing, and photo saving functions



File management software designed specifically for iPad. It supports any file format. It not only supports reading, playback, and download functions, but even the function to add annotations etc. 


■ Supports 13 file formats
- Image/Office/iWork
■ Supports cloud service
- Dropbox/Evernote/Google Drive/
■ Embedded own PDF technology
- Recognizes and saves into PDF that can be searched
- Merging and splitting of PDF files
- PDF annotation editing function




Image Processing APP 


Provides visual editing special effects and includes various special effects including add patterns, change color tones, select stylish frames, sketch photos, nostalgia’s style or cropping and coloring etc. It also provides other cute editing elements such as adding lace, stamps, and magic fingers, or you can edit mood texts or use the brush to add annotations to the photo. 


■ 3x3 intuitive user interface
■ Community sharing
- E-mail/Facebook/Twitter/Weibo
■ Five major cute style elements
■ Cloud service 


Game APP 

  Sand Painter

Uses famous fairy tales as themes and based on traditional sand painting to easily create beautiful sand paintings using three simple film-tearing, sanding, and shaking steps. 


■ Free download with In-App purchase design
■ Achievement rewards with lots of fun; receive new sand colors and new base images by completing challenges
■ cocos2d game engine technology
■ Push Notification mechanism
■ Community sharing
- Facebook/Twitter/Weibo


  Sand Painter Animal Color Fun

Uses fun animal parks as themes and based on traditional sand painting to easily create beautiful sand paintings using three simple film-tearing, sanding and shaking steps. 



■ Free download with In-App purchase design
■ Achievement rewards with lots of fun; receive new sand colors and new base images by completing challenges
■ cocos2d game engine technology
■ Push Notification mechanism
■ Community Sharing
- Facebook/Twitter/Weibo


  Go! SpotHero

A game for all age groups. Complete the stages simply by spotting the minor differences between the two images. Uses alien invasions on earth as its theme and the stages gradually goes from simple to difficult. Spot the differences to save the earth. 



■ Applies the OpenFeint game platform
■ cocos2d game engine technology
■ Community sharing
- Facebook/Twitter


Enterprise APP 

  NewSoft OA

Covert daily office administrative management into cloud management so there will be no more geological restrictions. The system has an embedded phone signoff and mobile management functions and it is the only office product in the industry that supports various phones, tablets, and multiple browsers simultaneously. 


■ Supports the six major collaborative office management systems
- Electronic processes
- Project management
- Resource management
- Professional attendance
- File management
- Digital dashboard
■ Supports three major platforms
- Windows Phone/iOS/Android


Enterprise Customization APP


■ Photo-shooting, photo special effects, and frame image processing
■ Wi-Fi hardware support development solution
■ GPS used together with Google Map service
■ SOAP/Restful Web service use
■ AdCloud embedded advertisement
■ Push Notification message background
■ FB/Twitter community sharing
■ Connects to SuperSync cloud service