Document Imaging Cloud Application  
NewSoft document imaging could have applications in the use of OCR SDK (Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit) technology and does not require the installation of any software. Webpages are used to enter image data including documents, business cards, invoices, credentials or tablets etc., and they can easily be converted into editable text files through cloud recognition technology whether they are PDF files, scanned files, or image files. All recognition processes are completed through the cloud so the user does not need to install any programs. Its core technology is able to recognize over 1,000 characters per second and uses an artificial neural network. It is easy to maintain, has great recognition performance and also supports 44 Western and Eastern languages. Different document imaging cloud applications can be developed according to the customer’s needs.
Technical Features
◆ Web multifunction processing recognition technology.
◆ Integrated application program and cloud recognition services.
◆ Cloud recognition system webpage construction technical services.
◆ Supports Windows 2012 server.
◆ Uses Danqing OCR software development kit.
◆ Artificial neural network recognition technology.
◆ Supports 44 Western and Oriental languages.
◆ Core technology is able to recognize over 1,000 characters per second.
◆ Document, business card, invoice, and credential recognition.
◆ Document tile correction and automatic detection of document direction.
◆ Removes image noise.
◆ Preserves original typesetting after recognition.
◆ Output file includes common formats: PDF, TXT, Office files and XML.
Application Range
◆Software Developers:
Uses cloud OCR SDK technology and can be easily integrated and applied on multi-platform systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android etc., able to provide customized cloud recognition kit solutions for software developments, and also able to provide mobile phone or tablet app software developments and additional product functions by implementing the OCR software development kit. This allows for the provision of comprehensive and diverse services to their customers.
◆System Integrators:
Provides different types of cloud operation, development, and management services including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). Dedicated cloud recognition application solutions can be created according to different customer needs.
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◆Paper Document Digitalization:
Different enterprise organizations, medical facilities, libraries, publishers, banks, insurance companies, historic museums etc. can all use the cloud OCR technology without being restricted by the location or equipment, and multiple users can perform document digitalization simultaneously. It can also digitalize documents into files and aggregate the files into database contents.

◆License OCR:
Applicable for various types of identification documents, enterprise employees, or member identifications; for example, ID cards, national insurance cards, driver licenses, membership cards etc. Cloud OCR technology can help enterprises, customers, the police, households and transportation units quickly confirm information to perform data organization and security surveillance.

◆Form Invoice Recognition:
Applicable for the recognition of insurance company contract forms, claim forms, hospital medical record forms, enterprise document tables, various types of invoices and receipts. Using OCR technology can help enterprises to quickly and accurately digitalize forms and invoices.


For any questions about Document Imaging Cloud Application, please contact us.