The well prepared supervisor can use the IE browser to easily see progress with AgentPlus, the Project Management System. The project management functions clearly show all the ongoing resources. Project members are given different authorizations, so they can see the parts of the project that they need the most.


AgentPlus has an intuitive and consistent interface that gets the supervisor started right away. The integration of the Project Management System with the rest of the enterprise lets the company maintain standardized reporting, fast collaborative interaction, reduced operating costs, and vastly improved efficiency.

Product Features


  • ● Each project has a dedicated summary of tasks, Gantt charts, calendars, meeting minutes, member listings, and a discussion center.
  • ● Projects are accomplished with e-management. Members are given specific authority for their part of the project, so they see the information that is most important for them.
  • ● Project folders are presented in a tree structure instant understanding and convenient management.
  • ● Project descriptions list start and end dates, supervisors, project managers, other members, and more.
  • ● Project tasks convert to a Gantt chart without the use of other software.
  • ● Meeting minute recorder provides a built-in way to record and save meeting minutes.
  • ● Meeting minutes have their own to-do lists that can get automatically sent to each responsible member.
  • ● A discussion center is dedicated to every project. Participating members have an easy path to online discussion and cooperation.
  • ● The Instant Resident program is an instant messenger for all project members to use. It saves contact time and communication costs.
  • ● The internal electronic approval system provides project management on a collaborative level.
  • ● The supervisor flexibly responds to sudden data changes by deciding whether to notify the project members or not.
  • ● AgentPlus is ready for standard CSV input and output and can exchange and convert data between Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project.
  • ● Uploading or downloading large amounts of data in files or folders is accomplished easily and quickly.
  • ● The SPI performance index is provided to see the exact progress of each project, each member, and each task to keep you on schedule.