Many salary management systems are available on the market. Compared to the others, the AssistNow Salary Management System is the one that is strongly regarded within the industry. It can considerably reduce the workload of the personnel department staff. It offers automatic vacation processing, payroll over the network, media transfer service, setting of regular and irregular payroll outlays, health insurance and retirement payment setup, income-tax withholding, and retirement pension computation. Manual adjustments are also supported.

Even better, the AssistNow Salary Management System can be integrated perfectly with the professional attendance management system introduced by NewSoft OA.Combined with leave approval, hours control, and overtime work accumulation, you can directly integrate and import the data. There is no need to purchase another salary system. Your staff won’t have to learn another system. The data can be centrally controlled and managed, conveniently and efficiently.


Product Features


  • ● Record the salary information for each staff member.
  • ● The system automatically computes deductions for health insurance and retirement according to pay level.
  • ● Integrates with the professional attendance system to automatically account for leave deductions and overtime pay.
  • ● Health and retirement insurance payments and retirement pension deduction levels can be readily edited to keep up with variable government policies.
  • ● Generate monthly fixed and irregular income per employee.
  • ● View payment records for each staff member at any time.
  • ● Archive the pay adjustment records so that personnel staff can refer to them at any time.
  • ● Provide flexible bonus and deduction settings for each staff member by title and grade.
  • ● Automatic transfers compatible with all banks.
  • ● Print automatic transfer lists for banks and companies to compare.
  • ● Print reports such as salary, irregular income, and withholding certificates.