Introducing the only overall attendance solution in the industry-ClockIN attendance checking machine. Once and for all solve the annoying problem of absence and leave statistics, facilitating employees to use access cards and online leave system, and it lets human resources easily fix statistics. Moreover, it promotes efficiency.
The leave application, review, and leave category statistics are every company's most troublesome matters. We can use this most convenient leave application system to quickly solve the problem and improve the company's operational efficiency.
FusionAT, a professional attendance system, uses dynamic cloud calculating technology, unique in the industry, to manage leave, overtime, and business trips. It can set different leave categories, work shifts, and time zones to support the factories’ 24-hour shift table. The system can list all kinds of statistics, and integrate with the card systems to get attendance results. The company does not need to waste time on trivial statistical figures.
Product Features
The NewSoft OA Attendance System considers your every single need, including:

★Establish the leave application process, making importing leave categories convenient

  • ● Integrating a company’s home page, showing the number of employees who apply for leave on each day and the specific leave times.
  • ● A manager can customize the leave application process.
  • ● Supports a large amount of imports and exports. An HR manager can use Excel and other software to edit all members’ leave categories and import the results to save time.
  • ● Support flexibly adjusting a company’s work time, leave time, and leave application descriptions; setting the on-duty and off-duty times from Monday to Sunday to different times for each day.
  • ● If a company has different work times in different offices or a manufacturer has direct and indirect employees, multishifts can be set.
  • ● If the leave occupies a two-day weekend, the two days will be automatically deducted from the leave without needing to write separate leave applications.

★Automatic routing system for leave application approval; approval from supervisors will not be missed

  • ● When the leave application is circulated, the system can automatically send e-mail, short mobile messages, and instant messages (IM) to speed up the circulation.
  • ● The supervisor can enter personal opinions, forward to other leaders, and disagree with various decisions when approving an application.
  • ● Supports setting whether to choose "Select an Agent", and choosing whether to let this agent be the first member to approve an application.


★ Save the Leave Statistical Records, checking the historical leave categories with no worries

  • ● Every change on the number of leave days is recorded in detail, so you don’t need to worry about the number of leave days being modified or increased.
  • ● Supports exporting statistical reports, one click can acquire the needed lists.
  • ● Supports checking any employee's remaining leave under any category at any time.
  • ● The mechanism of leave application integration and circulation enables you to synchronously check currently available categories to avoid mistakes.
  • ● Support checking the leave records of the previous year or the next year at any time.
  • ● Supports reserving approval status of each application for future inquiries.