Next to e-mail, electronic approval is the most popular e-service for enterprises. It provides the same instant and convenient services as e-mail, but has a circulation process based on electronic approval. Therefore, it is possible to check, review, remind, and preserve the transactions for history.

The InterGate electronic process system has powerful approval logic, by which you can choose Single Path, Parallel Paths, Select One, Notification, and Approval Authority. You can also set approval roles, relative levels, absolute levels, and form customization. During an approval sequence, users can choose to add, reject, transfer, delete, or more. You can also set a default process and share it with authorization. With complete flexibility, this system must be first choice for approval.


Product Features

  • ● Show the file folders in a tree structure for convenient searching and management.
  • ● Each approval can be attached with additional files and also with the electronic documents that have been approved in the past, so that a supervisor can directly obtain the required information while reading the to-be-approved documents.
  • ● Use the simplest and the fastest way to determine the order of approval, and make the approval process more flexible.
  • ● If it is found that an approval that has been sent out has errors, the system can withdraw the approval. With this function, you can quickly make the document process accurate and reliable.
  • ● When a supervisor approves a document, the system provides a common-language mechanism which facilitates direct reply.
  • ● When a supervisor approves a document, the supervisor can collect other opinions before making a final decision, and then the system will automatically run with it.
  • ● The system will regularly send e-mail reminders to the members in charge of approval. When a document is returned or deleted, the system will also immediately send e-mail notifications to the relevant members.
  • ● Mobile messaging is built in so short reminders can be sent online anytime.
  • ● A good electronic approval system should be suitable for the system your company uses. A flexible mechanism is the most suitable, the most effective, and the best for a modern enterprise in a fierce competitive environment. With no need for education and training, your whole staff can get familiar with the system and get online in just one hour. This can save over 2/3 of the time and cost of a traditional approval system just by eliminating unnecessary costs from hand delivering.