The RealArc resource management system is an EIP (Enterprise Information Portal) system especially designed for small and medium sized enterprises in Taiwan. This system was developed 11 years ago, in 2001. Now, there are tens of thousands of people using this EIP system at work every day. As long as there are daily administrative tasks and resource management duties in the office, there is a need for the RealArc resource management system.


Product Features

  • ● The system is the only one in the industry that supports all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, personal computer operating systems, and a huge variety of browsers.
  • ● The system has a built-in mail server, helping a company save tens of thousands of dollars from building a mail server.
  • ● The system has built-in functions for conference room reservations, vehicle management, appointments, notifications, article collection, voting activity, travel management, meeting arrangements, etc.
  • ● Support for AD authentication, facilitating combination with existing management systems.
  • ● Collaborative writing modules: through the collaborative mode, different people at different times can edit the same form.
  • ● In addition to the EIP system, the Cloud Enterprise Product System and the other product systems to-be-expanded, NewSoft OA can be upgraded directly without installing again, so that the enterprise management system can achieve the highest efficiency.