Bosses, executives, and salesmen are too busy to record and track customers for performance every day. They have no time to archive their team performances. They can't remember quarterly, monthly, and weekly performances, not to mention the performance from the previous year. The past already exists; the information, which should not be guessed at during meetings, is already out there. Adjusting for the future and identifying important trends should come from solid, reliable data.

Now you can hand over performance management, tracking, recording, statistics, prediction, and analysis to the LevelUP Performance Management System of SMART, which will enable you to master performance targets, easily manage performance data, and quickly compare weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly performance. Let’s get rid of the bad habits of the past when everyone bluffed their performance data in meetings.

The LevelUP Performance Management System is unique in the industry. It is dedicated to helping you do performance management, staff performance tracking, and making accurate predictions. This system can be used by the whole staff. It is simple to operate, easy to learn, and can be safeguarded with authorization, so that different departments will not see each other’s information. However, the boss of the highest authority can see all the performance data. As long as there are business colleagues updating their progress, the system will keep up to date for the supervisors to see. This is a convenient and easy-to-use performance management system.

Product Features

  • ● The Home page can instantly display the latest performance information.
  • ● A supervisor can easily view the monthly performance status.
  • ● Adding new performance information is simple and fast.
  • ● The system automatically arranges information for optimum viewing.
  • ● The system supports performance charts and statistics.

Every company should have a system that allows business colleagues to check the performance status at any time, enter their own predicted performance values, and calculate the accomplishment rates. This allows the company, departments, and business colleagues all to understand the performance information.

Performance is vital information for the growth of a company. Through this system, every salesman can see their performance status at any time, and the company can make accurate and correct judgments of the future at any time based on the latest updated information. In this way, the company can double performance and triple profit while the business flourishes and thrives.