SquareAuto Customer Management System provides functions for product management, knowledge base, quotation management, quote recording, name list joint management, and contact records joint update. It is a customer management system exclusively developed for Taiwan enterprises--the only complete office system for customer management among the EIP and OA systems.

To keep busy business departments willing to enter their customer information on schedule, the system must be friendly. Good CRM systems focus on how to make business and logistic units quickly get into the swing of things, and let managers access needed information by themselves.


Different from other CRM systems in the industry, SquareAuto Customer Management system presents complete functions within a simple user interface, instead of complex fields, and too many pages. You can just look at the program and know how to use it.



Product Features

Centrally Control and Manage Customer Data
● The administrator can create folders to manage customer information, and set permissions on each member for adding or editing customer information.
● Provide level and ranking mechanisms to allow the company to easily set the priority for each customer. Each member can only view the customer information that they have permission for.
● The manager can also set common strings, customer locations, industrial categories, source customers, contact purposes, etc. to minimize typing for easy input.
● Each customer can set the business manager. The customers who don’t have business managers will be specially listed for easy managing.

Gathering Business Not to Miss Any Information
● Each customer can upload images. Files can be attached to customer information and contact records.
● Keep contact records for each customer, and limit editing permission to specific members.
● Track the customers’ questions, not missing out on any services for improved customer satisfaction.
● The manager can annotate the contact records kept by members for them to follow in the future.



Improve messaging, electronic news, product management, and quotation functions, to offer more complete services to customers
● Mobile messaging mechanism allows calling, congratulating, and notifying customers by cell phone.
● The e-mail news mechanism allows the creation of templates, and the sending of electronic news at any time depending on the needs of customers.
● System built-in product management, combined with the quotation function, making the company quotation mechanism standardized. The business members can make quotations online, with the quotation management and quotation records displayed.
● Combined with the knowledge base function, the frequently asked questions within the company can be organized into the system and combined to solve customer management problems.