Presto! PrintMagic delivers a simple and intuitive artistic design environment. The latest multimedia authoring functions allow you to quickly design all kinds of dynamic newsletters and animated images, transferring art designing from ordinary to dynamic. Also, more than 3,800 built-in templates and 8,500 colorful images are available, letting you easily create professional art design masterpieces.


The new edition of Presto! PrintMagic has more than 500 new templates and 900 new images for you to express your creativity and imagination. The newly added Newsletter Editor and Blog Section can meet the needs of designing digital content and webpage layout. The flexible use of animation effects make for dynamic blogs. Background removal and filter functions blend images and cute cartoon characters into posters, greeting cards, storybooks, and calendars.


Taking your needs into consideration, Presto! PrintMagic 9 enhances the original classic functions, including 2-sided handbills and all kinds of posters. Added, are vocabulary cards, postcard categories, phonetic notation, letters, numbers, teaching templates, and customized postcard templates. Unicode is supported, system fonts are used for designing, and special Chinese characters are available. Files can be saved in all formats that can be opened with Presto! PrintMagic 6, 7, and 8, letting you design and switch between different versions.



Powerful Newsletter Editor -- Dynamic newsletters, exporting to ePub, e-book, or PDF files for sharing. It’s all new and easy
In the mobile era, everyone has a smart device. To meet your needs for designing digital content, Newsletter Editor offers commercial newsletter and school newsletter templates for you to design multipage dynamic or static newsletters. Moreover, you can export the files designed with Newsletter Editor to ePub, e-book, or PDF. Materials, like the company product introduction, school teaching newsletters, self introductions, can be saved in your computer, mobile device, and tablet PC for your use anytime and anywhere. The Newsletter Editor also provides cursor, pencil, and highlighter tools for you to easily emphasize key points and add annotations for teaching and working.



Blog Section allows the creation of dynamic animated images
As network marketing and social media is popular, there is a need to design dynamic webpage covers, side banners, or bottom banners. Blog Section helps you to design your own animated GIF images. You can customize image size, import logos, product pictures, personal pictures, or use the images within the application to easily create your own dynamic content. It is easier to get your network marketing material done quickly and painlessly. You will have fun, too.



Animation, background removal, and filters create unique image effects
Just an easy click, image special effects design and picture post production can be accomplished. Click the image to select from eight animated special effects: move up/down, move horizontally, rotate, zoom in/out, twinkle, seesaw, and fade in/out; rectangles, ovals, quick selection, and magic wand are available for removing the image background, making image manipulating more convenient and creative. There are 18 filter effects available, like zigzag, dry brush, emboss, wind, impressionist, pointillism, and ceramic tile, making art or commercial images take on classic artistic features.


Newly added commercial templates and images with colorful designing materials
Considering the demands of careers in all walks of life like civil service or teaching, Presto! PringtMagic 9 provide more than 3,800 templates and 8,500 images for you, including 500 commercial templates and 900 commercial images, letting you reflect your infinite creativity and imagination.


Diverse vocabulary cards—good helpers for teaching and parental interaction
The vocabulary cards offer the following 3 categories--English, phonetic annotation, and matching and coloring, including helpful English numbers, letters, phonetic symbols, colors, animals, and fruits images; the indispensible ㄅㄆㄇㄈ phonetic annotation teaching vocabulary cards for basic education; the matching and coloring background images that help to train motor coordination and color utilization, can let you and the kids interact and learn at the same time.



Exclusive postcards—easily show your uniqueness and conveys intimacy
If you want to create a special postcard for yourself or for your friends, Postcard categories let you turn the pictures you painted and your trip photos into postcards that record shared memories exclusively for you and your friends.



System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Available hard disk space: 1 GB or more
Screen resolution: 800 x 600 or higher
.NET version: .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
Hardware: digital camera image acquire & TWAIN scanner import images






Classical themes, common tools, persistent optimization

New interesting paper silhouettes – practices paper magic
New paper silhouette templates are added, including vivid and interesting animals, buildings, vehicles, three-dimensional handicraft, and other series, letting parents and kids change the daily and variable paper silhouette materials into various three-dimensional craft projects. They can practice silhouette magic, and enjoy parent-child interaction, or recall childhood paper silhouette pleasure.



2-sided handbill design – information transmited in every way
Presto! PrintMagic 9 strengthens the handbill design funtion, providing a 2-sided handbill design mode. It can be used to design handouts, like product introduction, policy propaganda, campus announcements, and the 2-sided design helps to deliver more comprehensive information.



Support the file formats used in Presto! PrintMagic 6, 7, 8
Presto! PrintMagic 9 can be used to save designs in the formats that can be opened in Presto! PrintMagic 6, 7, and 8. If you have different versions in your company, school or at home, you can use Presto! PrintMagic 9 to save files in these supported formats. Thus, you can enjoy the convenience of the cross-version operation of Presto! PrintMagic.

※Friendly reminder: The new functions, like Newsletter Editor, Blog Section, Poster, 2-sided Handbill of Presto! PrintMagic 9, cannot be used in Presto! PrintMagic 6, 7, and 8.



Support standard Unicode – special characters can be typed easily
Presto! PrintMagic 9 supports standard Unicode characters. If you select the fonts that support the Unicode font set in the computer system, such as PMingLiU, regular script, and Microsoft black & bold, the Chinese special characters, like 喆、堃、彣、劼、忞、冲, can be displayed easily without pasting or drawing, instead of missing them.



Aficionados recommend, and you cannot miss it
Large-scale poster collage and smart split print

Presto! PrintMagic 9 can be used to print A1/A2/A3 large-scale posters. It can also be used to split print calendars and class schedules. Before printing, you can select the pages to split print, and the page continuous markers are automatically graded on the bottom of each page, letting you see clearly the printing sequence and easily paste-up. You can also select single page print, and specify the pages you want to print, efficiently conserving paper.



Stereoscopic Business Cards, CD Jackets, and Calendars
Stereoscopic business cards can be edited double-sided, and folded to a double-sided 
stereoscopic business card that can be stood on a table, impressing the customer with your carefulness. The Stereoscopic CD Jacket function lets you easily create CD jackets and collect CDs more easily. The stereoscopic calendar templates can be used to design plan-type calendars by month, 3 - months, 6 - months, a year, or multi-page ones. You can also print calendar bracket with it, and then change them to a beautiful stereoscopic calendar only with slight folding.



Share your fruitful image files in the community as you want
You can save the image files or special effect images in GIF or JPG formats, and upload them to your mobile phone, Skype or Facebook personal pages, showing various art work, like Q version characters and photo stickers, on the social network platform. Presto! PrintMagic can be used to create various designs, such as policies slogans, signs, warnings, advertisements, press kits, promotional posters, direct marketing, or stickers. And then all these can be pasted on the personal photo or industry fanbase picture fields, achieving the best promotional benefits and network marketing target.





A great thinker in France, Romain Rolland once said: “An ideal is a force.”


In Taiwan, everyone knows many students who have grown up with the famous art design program, Presto! PrintMagic. This software is an excellent example of how people without art design skills can easily create gorgeous drawings.


Presto! PrintMagic was developed by NewSoft, the company, founded in September 1987, that started as a developer of imaging processing software. Not only did some NewSoft software win the honor of “Annual Best Multimedia Products”, but the superior technology also made NewSoft the partner of international well-known corporations in of strategy development and computer solutions.


Triggered by an Expedition to Japan

The birth of Presto! PrintMagic dates back 20 years ago to when the president of NewSoft visited Japan.


That was in October, 1995 and with maple trees tinged with autumn red, the president made his annual trip to visit customers. One day, he dropped in on a customer in Suwa-city, Nagano prefecture, and learned about Japan’s best-selling imaging software, “筆自來”.


After the flight back to Taiwan, he could hardly wait to get back to his company and install the program on his notebook. When he did, he understood why this software was so popular to Japanese consumers. It was so easy to use and it contained a great many pictures and text styles. Even people without designing experience or training were able to complete lovely artwork with ease.


Tailored for Chinese

At that time, easy-to-use drawing software was rare in Taiwan. Taking this set of software as a precious treasure, the president never thought of introducing it to Taiwan, yet a second thought came to him that this software was not a perfect match for the people who lived in China and Taiwan. So he began to think of how to develop a tailored suite of drawing programs that perfectly matched the requirements of the local people.



When he threw the idea out in the meeting, it was immediately accepted by department leaders as well as RD managers. They began at once to look for the technical staff for image processing technology and establish a team for designing and developing this software.


Finally Born with All Effort

As a famous saying goes: “What can be imagined can be achieved.” Just the next year, in 1996, the drawing software exclusively for Chinese people was finally born. There were thousands of pictures of Chinese customs and festivals, and the artistic calligraphy of Wen Ding, both of which were perfectly balanced and reinforced in the works of art. With those pictures and text, users were free to create posters, cards, leaflets, or bookmarks in accordance with their requirements either in life or at work. By using the quick templates, every man became an art-design expert and presented excellent artwork with impressive text in less than 10 minutes. This was done by common computer users with little art-design training. As this software produced “Excellence of Art Design”, it was named Presto! PrintMagic.

Excellence of Drawing Software

Followed by the exhibitions of that year, many Presto! PrintMagic templates as well as its design samples were shown there; visitors were initially surprised by the magic drawing created by Presto! PrintMagic and then came to believe in it devoutly, and further stirred a rush for purchasing. Thus, Presto! PrintMagic became a star product of the exhibition for that year. Ever since the great success in the Taiwan market, Presto! PrintMagic has become familiar drawing software and later got the Taiwan Excellence award in 1999.


After the enormous success, Presto! PrintMagic continued to be improved. From the 1st version with 4 categories, it is now up to the 8th version with more than 16 categories, covering 3,300 templates and 7,600 picture galleries, and integrated with functions such as Art Drawing, Images, Text, Editing, and Creative Designing. By using these functions, people can create posters, cards, name cards, envelopes, writing paper, e-diaries, paper-folding, calendars, school timetables, bookmarks, CD labels, stickers, Q portraits, cartoon books, and photo albums with ease.



The Magic Girl is the Presto! PrintMagic mascot. She was always shown on the product box. The first generation of Magic Girl conjured a great many miraculous works of art with a magic wand in her hand. Her appearance has changed with the generations, from the Q-version, to Presto! PrintMagic 6th, 7th and finally to the 8th, presenting herself as a clever and lovely girl in a magic school uniform, pink skirt, and purple cloak, with a magic wand in her hand, roaming freely around the green fields under the bright blue sky.


Adopted by 70% of Primary and Middle Schools

As e-learning rapidly developed, even primary school students could freely use Presto! PrintMagic, therefore it became one of required learning tools in schools across Taiwan. Since 2000, Presto! PrintMagic has pervaded many computer classes of grade three and four, and consequently won public praise. By now, up to 3,000 primary and middle schools (nearly 70%) uses Presto! PrintMagic software authorized by NewSoft and even introduced relevant e-classes based on it. After 10 years, we can say many freshmen came into society growing up under the influence of Presto! PrintMagic.


Adopted by Universities

By its easy functionalities, many normal universities such as NTUN (National Taiwan Normal University) and Universities of Education as well as some well-known universities such as National Chung Hsing University, National University of Kaohsiung, NTSU (National Taiwan Sport University), National Chiayi University, Aletheia University have gotten authorized to use Presto! PrintMagic. Furthermore, a great many impressive posters and striking notice boards designed by this software have begun to appear on campus.



Prevalence of Praise from Consumers

The past 18 years has not only witnessed Presto! PrintMagic’s continuous improvements for gaining perfection, but also the much easier functionality appraised by all classes of people in Taiwan. See the following:


Feedback from a young student, “Presto! PrintMagic is a good helper for my life, which makes me a super master for designing art work in my class and in my club.”


(Said Lin, a sophomore in college at Shih Hsin University)

“When I was a student in the third grade of primary school, I was in a Presto! PrintMagic class and got the feeling that Presto! PrintMagic was an easy program with such a simple user interface that everyone with a little computer knowledge would be able to get skilled in just a few minutes. Whatever you want to create like monthly calendars, posters, cards, name cards, and school timetables, it was easy to learn and design. Every time I was in class seeing the works of art I created, I was so full of happiness and achievement. After I got home, I introduced this software to my parents, they then bought Presto! PrintMagic 5 for me. They helped me install it and allowed me to create my works of art at home. Thus, I was growing up and learning in the company of Presto! PrintMagic. It was not only a good helper in my life, but also marvelous software that made me a super master of art design. Now I am proud to say that I am the most important person for creating cards and posters not only in my class but also in school clubs.”


Feedback from a middle-aged father, “Presto! PrintMagic is a memory album recording the events I witnessed with my daughter growing up.”


(Chen, a father from Taipei)

“When my daughter was in grade two, she was asked to create a handmade book with parents in the summer vacation. So we started to use Presto! PrintMagic, and it made whatever the book surface, table of contents, and back cover so vivid and nice, and after the book was completed, it gained very high praise from the teacher, and my daughter eventually got a high score for her homework. There was another time we used PrintMagic after the teacher asked students to create word cards for class, we used it to print out the word cards with phonetic symbols, radicals, strokes, and lovely pictures. With no doubt, this creative job also gained praise from the teacher. My daughter now is in the fifth grade, and it is still the most exciting experience to be creating art with her and Presto! PrintMagic. Presto! PrintMagic is an album of memories of all the events I shared with my daughter as she grew up.”


Feedback from an elderly person, “Presto! PrintMagic is the best gift for expressing my greetings.”


(Yao, a grandfather from Chung Hsing New Village, Nantou County)

“In 1996, at the age of 63, I came across Presto! PrintMagic on an Expo as I was rambling around the exhibition hall. The software was placed on a booth among all kinds of elegant cards. After being introduced in detail, I bought Presto! PrintMagic and tried for the first time the software by which cards, posters, bookmarks and so forth can be easily created. Since then, I have used it for 17 years and so far upgraded to Presto! PrintMagic 8, and countless cards have been made expressing greetings to my friends. Now 80, I am still using Presto! PrintMagic to make festive cards with my own hands for relatives and friends. Sometimes I add photographs of passing times, and sometimes cute animals; whatever ingenious thoughts attached in are my fairly warm affections. I sometimes even think they are not cards, but the best gifts for expressing my greetings.”


Feedback from a NewSoft staff member, “Presto! PrintMagic is just like my eldest son.”


“After graduating from Tankang University, with a computer major, I was engaged in development of Chinese fonts for PC, and started with the developer team in 1995 for Presto! PrintMagic. It made me excited to witness the best-selling times of Presto! PrintMagic, yet there was nothing more fascinating than seeing my eldest son growing with Presto! PrintMagic. Once upon the time, my son was a primary school student who loved to use Presto! PrintMagic in his computer classes; while Presto! PrintMagic was also growing from 1st version to presently 9th. Now my eldest son is 20 and Presto! PrintMagic is also developing with the times and has so far included more functions. On its growing path, it not only helped my son to effectively learn art design, but also is a great helper to learn art design for students of every generation.


Passed Down Through Nine Generations

The first generation of Presto! PrintMagic aimed to let every person who was able to use computers to design works of art with their own hands, and further become an art expert. Today, Presto! PrintMagic is going to give birth of the ninth generation. Over the 18 years, this easy-to-use software has stepped across the century and been extensively brought into many territories, domains, and industries, making it possible that many people who want to learn how to design or who have dreams of being art designers have become magic designing experts from rather clumsy all thumbs. Presto! PrintMagic makes promotional materials even prettier and communications creative and effective.

In the future, Presto! PrintMagic will continue based on the deep roots of First Brand Among Chinese Art Design Software to develop higher quality, more creative, and more diverse software. It will provide better templates and images to more closely match the customer’s all-round needs, making life more colorful with Presto! PrintMagic.