There is always a pile of important documents for every company to manage. How these digital documents are efficiently managed can greatly impact the operation and future development of the business.

Companies that are concerned with document management should choose a system that is appropriate for them.
Some companies may never have heard about document management or may not be familiar with its use. Electronic mail is commonly used in business, but our network disk, which is similar to a network neighborhood system, has just been put into practice. As for the document management system, what it is and what it is used for, they know little about it. Is it enough to just use the network disk like a network neighborhood?


Document Management is for handling the digital files in a company and all its various subdivisions in an efficient way.

We can say that document management is used to control the life span of documents for a group—from creation to deletion. To put it more academically, it is a means for document creation, publishing, reviewing security settings, verifying, version control, final handling, and saving.
A well-organized document management system can be easily found and shared. Managing documents in a standard and professional way is beneficial for enhancing knowledge management for the company.

As information security awareness grows in importance and a large amount of documents pile up, easily getting the correct and most up-to-date documents to the right people while making sure that confidential information is not at risk has become one of the most essential tasks for any company.

Efficiency of Document Management

  • ● Save paper files quickly and batch upload documents with your multi-function office machinery.
  • ●Search Image files.
  • ● Make sure that personnel use the correct and latest document version.
  • ● Find documents more easily using full-text indexing and many file formats.
  • ● Use the many provided functions including document viewing security, watermark, limited reading time, password protection, prohibited printing, and authorization levels of access.
  • ● Employ the simplified reviewing and sorting and integrated online verification engine and improving your document security is guaranteed.
  • ● Secure important files and contracts by setting the document as “Withdraw only after approval".