Cloud Application Customization Service 
Cloud Application Customization
NewSoft meets ever-increasing cloud computing needs by specializing in software development and integration with hardware. We provide IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS (Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a Service) cloud maintenance, operation, and management services for enterprises. Our development team offers a variety of customized cloud business applications to fit the different needs of enterprise customers.
● Cloud, BizCard, OCR, and Hardware Development and Integration

Cloud computing technology makes work and daily information processing faster and easier through software technology and hardware.

NewSoft specializes in the research and development of file management systems and business card optical recognition technology (OCR/BCR). Cloud technology combined with optical scanners, multifunction printers, computers, mobile devices, and other diverse types of hardware allows information to be transmitted to businesses or cloud storage. Not only can we effectively manage enterprise files and business card information, but we can store the information in the cloud according to the demands of each particular business.

● Cloud Storage Gateway

In the past, most companies accomplished their computing tasks on in-house computer hardware. This is gradually changing. Many companies and individuals now look to the cloud to work and contact corporate officers, employees, or clients at any time. It is increasingly necessary to network in order to access corporate data: thus the increasing importance of cloud storage services.

NewSoft offers enterprise cloud customization services to help companies plan and let subordinates and management get vital information through the NewSoft Gateway. Also offered to corporate clients is the combination of product hardware and software integration services and interfacing to the public cloud, thereby providing corporate customers value-added services to achieve their business goals.

● Cloud Printing

The cloud concept is used in the printing industry for simplification, ease of administration, cost reduction, convenient management, and more so that users can at any time, with any of the tools, and in any format, print through the system.

With the Internet for file uploads, online previewing, proofing, valuating, ordering, paying, and delivery to comprehensive cloud-supported printing services, you can choose our professional design team for the best cloud printing experience.

● Smart Networking

The development and maturation of Internet technology has led to the intelligent networking era. A variety of everyday items have short-range mobile receivers embedded in them to allow people to send messages, communicate, and form links.

NewSoft is committed to the development of intelligent networking services. We have developed digital signage, electronic shelf label systems, and other services, while providing customized service to enterprise customers. We are continuing with medical, transportation, retail, communications, and other systems and devices for the development of intelligent networking service. Expect us to provide our enterprise customers more diverse, intelligent, and customized networking services.

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