Digital Image Editing and Management

NewSoft specializes in digital image editing and management techniques, providing customized services and support for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, and Android operating systems that also apply to social sharing and cloud service management platforms. We offer convenient and powerful digital image editing and management tools to developers and manufacturers, such as diverse filter special effects, scene special effects, advanced image editing, and multi-type management function, saving a lot of labor an time. It is the best image solution.
Technical Features

◆ Digital image editing:
■ Background removal and photo fusion
■ Special effects: Many different effects like sketch, black and white, sepia, hue, soft focus, color, mosaic, and mirror can be applied to photos.
■ Photo retouching: These functions include red-eye removal, crop, rotate, brightness, size, contrast, filters, 3D effects, and transparency.
■ Photo editing: There are numerous text, border, stamp, and watermark functions.
■ Batch editing
■ Photo slideshow: Provides transition styles like fade in and out, scrolling, subtle movements, text, and sound.


◆ Image management:
■ You can view, edit, and add annotations to images.
■ You can use the annotation toolbar, touchup toolbar, or comment toolbar.
■ You can also organize, sort, and categorize images.

◆ Cloud Service Management Value-added Applications:
■ These applications combine cloud maintenance and operation platforms to stream, save, and manage photos. They integrate with the enterprise’s customer service to print photographs and produce files.

◆ Social Sharing:
■ Multimedia streaming technology lets you share photos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Sina Microblog, Flicker, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube.

Application Scope

◆ Hardware Manufacturer Value-added Product Applications
Professional image editing and management techniques apply to scanners, digital cameras, MFP, and printers. Image editing technology lets you retouch the images shot or scanned; and image management technology allows you to set up the image management style. It is a great choice that allows hardware manufacturers to extend the range of their product functions.

◆ System Integrator Extended Integration Tool
For system integrators who need to process large image data, we provide customized and exclusive image editing and management techniques, letting the users edit and manage images without using other applications.

◆ App Developer or Network Company Using Image Editing and Management Techniques
For value-added applications or network activities, the image editing and management API adds value, and improves the functionality of commercial application sites without developing other image editing and management techniques.

If you have any need for image editing and management technology, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone call.
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◆ Image Editing
We provide an ideal image editing environment, letting users add special effects to images to create amazing digital images, adjust them, and make beautiful displays to share through social networking.
We also offer a photo post production mobile app. Users can add special effects, change textures, alter tones, select frames, or crop, color, and apply sketch or sepia tones to make vivid photos.
◆ Photo Management
We provide an integration of image management and video peripheral devices. Images or videos can be acquired from mobile phones, digital cameras, scanners, cameras, and web cameras. Users can create diverse greeting cards, photo stickers, photo fusion, and panoramas with simple steps.
◆ Electronic Photo Album
We provide photo processing functions, such as automatically generating thumbnails, changing size, adding descriptions, sound, and frames to let users easily create beautiful and exquisite electronic photo albums.
If you have any need for image editing and management technology, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone call.
Tel: 510-7708900