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Please note the following when running with 64-bit application on Mac OS X.

BizCard 7.x

The current version of BizCard 7.6 is a 64-bit application. It requires for 64-bit TWAIN/ICA driver. Otherwise, the BizCard software will not recognize your device. 

PageManager 9.x

The current version of PageManager 9 Mac is a 32-bit application. It supports for Mac OS 10.13 according to our software release note. Apple also announced that Mac OSX 10.14 Mojave will be the last OS to work with the 32-bit software. Reference link at:

Regarding the PageManager professional 64-bit version(retail), it is available now. Click HERE for more information.

You can keep following our product information for the latest update at

Note: Regarding the other older Mac products, we regret to inform you that we are no longer provide the updates for these versions.