PageManager 9.0 (Mac version) > How to use > Why Presto! Scan button language is French? The solution only supports the PageManager for Mac of Brother OEM version.

Upgrade the Brother 64-bit OEM version can resolve the problem.

Note the 64-bit application requires for 64-bit TWAIN/ICA driver. Otherwise, the software will not recognize your device.

For 32-bit application please follow these steps to correct this issue and note the process will reset Scan button settings.

1. Closed the Presto! PageManager 9 application and Scan button application.

2. Go to folder “/Applications/Presto! PageManager 9 for BR/Presto! Scan Buttons

3. Click right mouse to show package contents.

4. Go to “/Contents/Resources/” and delete “en_US.lproj”

5. Go to folder “/Users/user name/Library/Preferences/PageManager Preferences/PM9.35/”

6. Delete ScanButton folder.

7. Re-launch Presto! PageManager 9 application and Scan button.


You can refer to the video tutorial for more information.

If the problem still occurs, please include the following information so we could investigate the problem.

1.OS version & Language:

2.Software & Version:

3.Input Device Name & Model:

4.Error Message (screen capture is better):

5.Detail Problems (step by step):